5 Movie Playlists You Have to Listen to on Spotify


What is a movie without an epic soundtrack? Not much. You know when you hear those first few bars of that iconic John Williams score that you are watching Star Wars, and nothing quite gets one in the mood to go on a intergalactic space adventure.

So whether you are looking for some music to psych yourself up, to put you in the mood or just to play in the background while you study or work, these are five that I love to have on replay on Spotify:

1. Just like the 80’s films
If you like them 80’s movies, like I do, this playlist has some great tracks from Dirty Dancing, Purple Rain, Pretty in Pink and Ghostbusters.

2. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Official Pre-Phantom Thread Playlist

This playlist was curated by Paul Thomas Anderson himself, and contains songs that depicts the mood of the film that was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar this year. I was a big Phantom Thread fan, and if you are getting ready to watch this is a great companion playlist.

3. Epic Movie Soundtracks 

If you are more of a score fan, then this playlist is for you. From Ludwig Goransson’s recent Black Panther theme to Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean scores – they are all here.

4. Songs from animated movies

The truth is that animated movies have the best songs. ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ from Snow White and the Seven Dwalfs is still a jam 81 years later. And the theme songs from animated films usually tend to dominate the Best Song category with Coco winning this year for ‘Remember Me’.

5. The Ultimate Teen Movie Soundtrack

The teen movies of the 90’s were full of great pop rock songs, and this playlist presents the best of them that will make you remember that iconic prom scene in 10 Things I Hate About You or that excellent makeover scene in Clueless.

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