5 Reasons Why The Good Fight Trailer Has Us Excited for Season 2

We are all allowed a few shows that we completely stan for, that we would cross hell and high water to watch, that we are obsessed with, and one of them, for me, is The Good Fight. The spinoff of the ever-popular The Good Wife, follows former colleagues of Alicia Florrick, Lucca Quinn and Diane Lockhart as they join one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms, Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad.

Spinoffs rarely have the same amount of clout as the originals – except maybe Frasier  and Xena – but there is something about The Good Fight that retains the excellent writing and compelling plot points from the original but adds a much needed refreshing cast of characters and a whole new scandal to make it a must-watch all on it’s own.

The trailer for season 2:

1. Audra McDonald joins the cast

The sensational Audra McDonald becomes a part of the second season of The Good Fight as Liz Reddick-Lawrence, a new partner at the firm and the ex-wife of Adrian Boseman. As we see from the trailer, her presence will be one that will bring about tension, and a whole lot of drama – just as we like it.


2. There’s a murder mystery

All the Chicago lawyers find themselves under an attack after a client at another firm kills his lawyer for overcharging him and a copycat murderer starts to take over the mantel and kills lawyers, which puts the lives of all our faves in danger.


3. Great guest stars

From what we’ve seen from the trailer, there is Jane Lynch, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson (more about him later), Barbara Kolstad (who isn’t returning as a series regular), Rob Reiner, Carrie Preston, Bernadette Peters and Paul Guilfoyle. Here’s to hoping that Alan Cummings makes a surprising appearance.


4. Diane hooks up with Brick Breeland

There’s a short scene in the trailer that shows Diane Lockhart getting out of bed with Tim Matheson (who played Brick Breeland on Hart of Dixie) . Does it mean that things are over between Diane and Curt? It doesn’t look like it because we see her in another scene kissing Gary Cole’s Curt. Perhaps it’s just a bump in the road for the couple.


5. All the swears

One of the great things about the show being on CBS Access instead of CBS like The Good Wife was, is that there isn’t the restrictions on it like there was on network television. There is a great scene in the trailer where Diane swears and Liz says she’s been saying that a lot lately, and Diane says she’s making up for ‘lost time’.


Season 2 of The Good Fight will be available on CBS Stream from Sunday, March 4.

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