The Perfect Date will remind you of a lot of other teen movies


Netflix’s latest teen romcom, The Perfect Date has my absolute fave Noah Centineo, this time hiring himself out as a *teen escort* in order to make some money for college and a chance with his dream girl.

So here’s some thoughts I had about the film:

  1. Noah Centineo can always make me love him: I could watch Noah Centineo in anything. But he has particularly charmed us in the teen king role that almost feels nostalgic for the John Hughesian era. Like Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink, Noah plays a character that many would not like if not for his charm that seems to make the character almost palatable. Brooks Rattigan (that name alone) is prone to feeling sorry for himself, and the entire movie is about him coming to grips with who he really is and growing as a human being, and Noah Centineo plays that role with the utmost humility.
  2. Celia refreshed the cool girl outsider vibe: Laura Marano is entrancing as Celia, the tough, no-nonsense girl that Brooks is paid to go on a date with. But she doesn’t give that ‘I’m not like other girls’ annoying attitude. She is lovely, adorable and reminds me a lot of the main character from The DUFF.
  3. Shelby is who I want to be when I grow up: I kinda liked the idea of Noah and Camila Mendes together but what makes it better is that, Camila’s Shelby isn’t just your typical popular, rich girl who is a bitch for no good reason, she is a multifaceted character and isn’t villainised in the film. She knows what she wants for her life, she knows who she is and she is going after it. And she helps to hold a mirror to Brooks as of the fact that he doesn’t exactly know who he is.
  4. Murphy made me love him: Murphy is Brooks’ best friend. He is black, gay and a genius at creating apps. But he doesn’t just serve as a sounding board for Brooks. He has his own storyline with a crush at the sandwich shop, he fights back when Brooks treats him badly and he stands his ground throughout the film.
  5. I am here for Brooks’ relationship with his dad: I was noooot a fan of the way that Brooks treated his father in the movie, especially when his father made him pancakes and HE DID NOT EAT IT. That’s like a fallacy. But Brooks eventually makes peace with his father and the two work on improving themselves. It is adorable.
  6. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before: Listen, you will read a lot of articles comparing it to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because it also stars Noah Centineo and it got that whole fake dating thing going on, and it is similar but it’s not the same movie. You will recognise the tropes from the beginning, and it’s a lot like movies like The Wedding Date, The DUFF and Pretty in Pink so I would recommend you not engaging with it if those movies aren’t exactly your style. But us, lovers of teen movies, we know the plots of the movies we watch but that’s why we watch it – because it’s predictable, it gives us comfort and it has pretty people.

Watch the trailer here:

You can watch The Perfect Date on Netflix now.

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