7 New Series That We Are Excited for in January 2018

It’s 2018 – which means, a new year, and new series to keep you entertained. The batch of January premieres have some excellent casts from Angela Bassett to Connie Britton to Yara Shahidi, and span different time periods and genres.

So these are seven series that we find the most promising:

1. 9-1-1 (Fox)

From the mind of the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, comes 9-1-1 a series about the first responders when a 9-1-1 call is placed which includes policemen, firefighters and paramedics, starring Peter Krause, Angela Bassett and Connie Britton.

Debuting 3 January on Fox

2. grown-ish (Freeform)

The spinoff to black-ish has the Johnson family’s eldest daughter, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) begin her journey to becoming an adult when she leaves her family home and starts college.

Debuting 3 January on Freeform

3. Alone Together (Freeform)

We all like a story of platonic male and female best friends, the ‘will they, won’t they’ but this is more of a ‘maybe they shouldn’t’. Following real life best friends, Esther and Benji – self-proclaimed 6’s as they try and navigate the vanity world of Los Angeles. Freeform has already renewed this for a second season so this is a good bet.  

Debuting 10 January on Freeform

4. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon)

After the ever-popular Black Mirror, comes Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, a science-fiction anthology series that goes to worlds beyond the imagination. Every stand-alone episode is based on a different short story penned by Philip K. Dick. The cast includes Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Janelle Monae and Greg Kinnear.

Debuting 12 January on Amazon Prime

5. Black Lightning (The CW)  

A new superhero show, Black Lightning follows the path of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), a retired superhero who left herodom after seeing the effects that it had on his family, but is forced to take up the mantle again when seeing the increase of violence by a gang in his community.

Debuting 16 January on The CW

6. Counterpart (Starz)

Another interesting new science-fiction series, stars J.K. Simmons as a bureaucratic agent who discovers that his agency is guarding a crossing to a parallel dimension.

Debuting 21 January on Starz

7. The Alienist (TNT)

This is one I’ve been excited for for a while, set in New York in 1896, the police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt creates a team including a journalist and investigative team to solve a series of murders. This stars Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.

Debuting 22 January on TNT


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