Get Into Shape With BBC First and ‘Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan



‘’It was a combination of mental grit and physical stamina to prepare for the role of Lance Corporal Georgie Lane,’’ said Michelle Keegan, star of the hit series Our Girl, which is now in its third season on BBC First. This suspense-filled military drama sees her take charge in a role she describes as the most challenging one yet. Fans are not only exposed to a powerful, strong female character but also her great physique, which leaves us wondering how she physically prepared for such a gruelling role.

Michelle Keegan took some time out from preparing for her role, to share some of her practical tips on how she got in shape.

  1. Give your water a spin – ‘’People always speak of the importance of drinking water, as good as this sounds, water can get very tasteless and boring. I’m always finding new ways to add flavour to my water, which helps curb some of my sweet cravings, especially for soda.’’ Try adding chopped fruits or vegetables such as berries, strawberries, lemon or lime slices, cucumber or mint leaves and you’ll be hooked in no time
  2. Plan each meal – prepping meals beforehand helps with Michelle’s busy schedule,  especially when she’s on set with Our Girl. ‘’You’re more likely to make bad food decisions when you’re busy and hungry. Start by planning snacks or nutritious light foods you can eat throughout the day. Then, look at meals that will keep you fuller for longer like a protein in the form of salmon, fish, chicken teamed with steamed vegetables. I find that choosing smaller portions and consume these more frequently throughout the day keeps me satisfied. If I do eat red meat, it’s always before 6pm because it takes longer to break-down.”
  3. Have a good (and consistent) exercise plan – ‘’I used to hate going to the gym!’’ The most important thing about exercising is consistency. Home workouts are ideal, whether it’s doing a few sets of squats or lunges while watching a favourite show or in the fresh air of a backyard, you can also start out slowly building up with some small weights and resistance bands in the comfort of your own home. For Michelle it’s all about challenging herself, she makes sure she heads to gym first thing in the morning, then it’s over and done with. ‘’I usually do weight training, alternating the different parts of my body, at least  3 times a week for a 45 minute to an hour session. It becomes easier to motivate and push yourself once you start seeing the results.
  4. If you want a drink, make better alcohol choices – ‘’I rarely drink but when I am at an event or out being social I try stick to better choices, such as vodka and lime. Most alcohol contains a lot of sugar and hidden calories so,  be mindful of what you are putting into your body.’’

Catch Michelle Keegan on BBC First, Our Girl Season 3, DStv Channel 119, Sundays at 8pm

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