Tonight on The Graham Norton Show: Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet and Laura Linney


On The Graham Norton Show, airing Tuesday 29 January 2019 on BBC Brit (DStv Channel 120) at 9pm, Graham welcomes triple Oscar-nominated actors Saoirse Ronan and Laura Linney, rising star Timothée Chalamet, British actor Stephen Mangan and rock band The 1975.

Saoirse, talking about her new film Mary Queen of Scots, says, “Mary and Elizabeth never actually met so we took a bit of artistic license and lied about what really happened!  We only met once in the film and because of that Margot (Robbie) and I stayed apart so we didn’t know what each other looked like.  When we finally met for the scene we cried.  It was very emotional.”

Revealing that it is true what they say about working with animals, she says, “The horse I had to ride had starred with Wonder Woman and was very good looking and he knew it.  He just wouldn’t do anything, he wouldn’t move.  Then I realised that every time someone shouted ‘rolling’ he would do a little cough.  He was actually nervous!” 

Timothée, talking about starring in Beautiful Boy with Steve Carrell, says, “I am a big fan of his – I loved The Office and Anchorman – but I didn’t want to play my hand and let him know how much I loved and admired him, so I just smiled suspiciously when I met him.   He knows now how obsessed I am!”

Laura, talking about her Oscar-nominations and attending the actual ceremony, says, “It is a wild thing, it’s surreal when your life intersects with people you admire or who’s work has inspired you.  Suddenly you’re there and you can’t believe your luck.  It’s a wonderful thing and it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening.”

Asked about Love Actually, she says, “It was so much bigger than I thought it would ever be and I had the best ever kiss in that movie with Rodrigo Santoro We were broken hearted at the time as we’d both been dumped, so all day we made each other feel a lot better!”

Talking about performing her one woman show, My Name is Lucy Barton, and asked about holding the stage alone, she says, “It’s terrifying, it’s the most unnatural thing to do, it is strange and odd. It’s bizarre to go out on stage alone, I get very, very nervous and I have to throw myself out there.  Then after, I think, ‘What just happened?’  and there is no one to compare notes with.  But, I’m so happy I’ve been about to do it and I love it because the material is so beautiful.”

Stephen, talking about being recognised, he says, “I had one part in Alan Patridge and 15 years on, people come up to me all the time and shout, ‘Dan, Dan, Dan!'”

Asked about hosting Portrait Artist of the Year, he says, “It’s a lovely show.  You can’t watch people write a book, you can’t watch someone compose a symphony, but you can watch someone paint. It’s incredible how dramatic it is.  I don’t know anything about art – I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler – but I don’t need to because we’ve got proper judges.  I just get ask all the silly questions like, ‘Why do you use a brush?'”

The 1975, perform their current single It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Asked about their success, Matthew says, “This is the 16th year as a band and there is no culture to it.  Our pure metric for success was to get a gig.  Now we are performing at the Brit Awards!”

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough to sit in the Big Red Chair.

The Graham Norton Show, BBC BRIT, Tuesday 29 January 9pm.

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