Here’s What We’re Excited to Watch On Showmax SA in April 2019


Okay I’m still pretty much all about the Thrones lately but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally excited about what’s coming to Showmax this month. There’s a whole lot of content but here is what I’m most excited for:

1. Game of Thrones S8 (15 April)

Let’s start with the obvious, as it is released in the US (and broadcasted on M-Net) it will be available to watch the next evening on Showmax, so no waiting for us! I’m going to have a lot more to say about GoT but as we enter the final season expect to cry, to be shocked and to expect the unexpected.

2. A Million Little Things (15 April 2019)

This show made waves last year when it was released. Basically it’s about how a suicide shakes up a group of friends and how their lives are changed because of it.

3. A Very English Affair (1 April 2019)

I love me so Hugh Grant, especially when he is given a good role to portray. In A Very English Affair, Hugh Grant portrays the real-life Jeremy Thorpe, who had tongues wagging in the 1960s. He was a Liberal Member of Parliament engaged in a secret affair with a man at a time when homosexuality was illegal.

4. The Good Wife S1-7 (1 April 2019)

One of my all time favourite series comes to Showmax this month. Like really, the Kings outdid themselves with the writing on this show and I will stan forever. Alicia Florrick is the wife of a disgraced states attorney who has to go back to work as a lawyer when her husband is sent to jail.

5. Back to the Future Trilogy (4 April 2019)

This is forever a classic, but this trilogy about Marty McFly a teenage with a good friend, Doc, who has cracked how to time travel with his DeLorean. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and 100% worth the rewatch.

6. The Big Sick (29 April 2019)

One of the best romcoms that I’ve seen recently (the screenplay was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar). An aspiring stand-up comedian has a one-night stand with a student who watched his set. But it materialises into a relationship complicated by their different cultures, his traditional parents and her illness.

7. Everything Must Fall (25 April 2019)

This multiple-award-winning documentary focuses on the #feesmustfall student protests that rocked South Africa in 2015. Four Wits University students and their vice-chancellor recount the story.

Watch all of these on Showmax

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