Our Favourite Sep and Simon Skits


There are certain things that are just part of our culture – Judy Boucher, samoosas at funerals – and Sep and Simon skits are quickly becoming staples.

Two close friends who made an excellent parody Youtube account, and featuring a host of characters. Even though I have subscribed to their account, I know when they have uploaded a video because of all my friends who would send the link to me, or the amount of times it’s shared on my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds.

And what makes them special is not their celebrity guests, it is the fact that they parody coloured culture in a way that is accurate, genuine and always affectionate. It never feels condescending or unnatural, the characters they portray are people you know in real life. And it never feels like a negative stereotype, it’s original, it takes the littlest saying your mommy always says and creates a love letter to it.

And the production of the videos improves with everyone that you watch and it shows how much work and effort they put in their projects. So support them, share their content, they are doing great work!

Here are some our favourites to start you off:

1. Yaadt Dance Academy

This one is all about the little moments, the comedic beats, and of course all the guest stars.

2. Slangetjies Intervention

“Everybody knows that Quality Street is the gateway to slangetjies”

3. Antiques Road Show Domino Edition 

Their Antiques Road Show: Coloured Edition series is excellent especially for their intercuts with old folks from the original show.

4. Never Gonna Dums Again

The karaoke-esque parody of the 80s music videos are so creative, the shakened-up lyrics is the best part though (and the dance moves).

5. Famous Moments in Coloured History 

This is my underrated favourite, firstly because I was first like ‘WTF who would think up this’ but also because the editing on this video is so well done and worth commending.

Check out their Youtube channel to watch more videos, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

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